Gluten-Free in San Diego: Brunch

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This past April, I traveled to San Diego for the very first time. When I’m traveling, each day in a new city turns into a scavenger hunt for the best local gluten-free spots, and San Diego was no different. Our first morning, we scrambled to figure out where we could eat that’s trendy, safe for a celiac, also with amazing food.

Gluten-Free Brunch in San Diego


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The first morning, we landed at Lazy Hippo in the Gaslight district (via Bird scooters!). We were seated immediately, and the waitress told me all about what I could and could not eat. We placed our order, both going with typical egg and potato choices, avoiding the pancakes despite being gluten-free.

However, the waitress told me they were famous for their cinnamon roll pancake, and that it could be made gluten-free. So, my boyfriend and I decided to split one, and boy were we glad we did.

I’m a person who, prior to being diagnosed with celiac, would rarely order pancakes - and when I did, I was always disappointed. When the waitress emerged with the gluten-free cinnamon roll pancake, it looked incredible but I kept my expectations low. First, we ate our meals (we both had yummy scrambles!). Since they don’t have gluten-free bread, they offered me corn tortillas. They weren’t great and I didn’t end up eating them, but in my experience most places without gluten free bread don’t offer anything in replacement so it was a nice gesture.


When we finally got to the pancake… for the first time in my life, I wasn’t disappointed by a pancake. It was amazing, not too sweet or dry, and the frosting on top made it just right.

So good, even my non-gluten free boyfriend thought it was one of the best pancakes he has ever had, even vs. regular gluten pancakes!


The next morning, we decided to venture a little farther, to Snooze: an AM Eatery. I found this spot on Find Me Gluten Free, and the reviews were amazing! When we walked up, there was a crowd of people waiting outside and we were told there was a forty-five minute wait. For breakfast. Coincidentally, two seats opened at the bar and we took them. When I asked the bartender what was gluten free, he said “it’s easier to tell you what’s not gluten free,” and pointed out just two or three choices that couldn’t be made gluten free. We placed our order, again, not choosing any pancakes.


A few minutes later, a woman approached with a huge pancake, and told me the bartender sent me a gluten free pancake. Just the way it looked had everyone sitting around us asking me what it was.

For the second morning in a row, I was NOT disappointed - this pancake was incredible and was such a random kind gesture from the bartender. It was so good, that we ended up visiting Snooze again when we were in Phoenix a few days later!

While neither had separate gluten free menus or dedicated kitchens, I didn’t get sick at either restaurant, and felt safe eating in both locations. Next time I’m in San Diego, I’ll definitely be back to both of these brunch spots!

Have a gluten free spot you love? I’d love to hear about it and review it! Reach me at or in the comments!

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