Self-Care & Healing

As many of you know, I am a full-time college student. On top of the six classes I am taking, I commute to school over an hour each way, have a part-time internship, fill in at my part-time job, and run One Bite Gluten-Free. Most days, I’m up before 6 and going until after 9 pm. I am constantly on, working, and running around - and I love it.

Between class, my blog, my internship, and my commute, I am always running from one thing to another. My mind is always working, moving, and growing. Three weeks ago, I was moving at a pace and functioning at a level higher than any other time in my life…

And then, I got a concussion.

With an accident took a total of 4 seconds, my life was put on hold for almost 3 weeks. I went from having 15-17 hour days, to having 0 hour days. I was unable to attend class, do schoolwork, write blogs, or even watch TV…

Life forced me to slow down.

4 tips for self-care and healing

1. Practice yoga

I started very gently, just getting on my mat and doing what felt right. Some days, meant staying in child’s pose for 10 minutes and just breathing, and other days it meant Chaturanga and getting my body moving. Your body speaks to you, listen.

2. Go for walks

While I was stuck on the couch, I made it a habit to take my dog on a long walk every day. This got me up, got my body moving, and broke up the long days of doing nothing. Plus, it makes Brayden happy!

3. Listen to podcasts

If you can’t be stimulated by looking at screens (like me!), listen to podcasts. It’s a passive way to learn something new, gain inspiration, or just listen to stories! Some of my favorites are RISE podcast, Thrive Blogger Podcast, and Ed Mylett Show.

4. Bake

With my busy schedule, I don’t often have time to bake or try out new recipes. Baking is a good way to unwind and calm your brain and gives you a chance to get away from screens. I made gluten-free banana bread, homemade tortilla chips (do you want a recipe?!), and so many roasted veggies!

5. Read

I love to read, and there are so many ways to do it now. Reading can bring you to a new place, or get you fired up and motivated for your own goals. Sit down with a cup of tea, and get engaged with a book! I love holding a physical book, but you can always choose an audiobook as well. If you love self-development and inspiration, check out my Fall Reading List - I’ve already checked a couple of books off the list!

bonus ideas: do a face mask, meditate, watch a movie, get a manicure, get lunch with a close friend, clean out your closet

Whether you need to unwind from your busy life, or you’re healing from sickness or injury, these are easy ways to give yourself some quiet time. Although my concussion is healing more every day and I’m back into my routine, I’ve taken this experience and used it to implement self-care practices like reading and yoga in my everyday life. If I can increase my mindfulness and allow myself to recharge, my productive days can become more productive.

What are your favorite ways to decompress and relax?

Do the Earth a favor, don’t hide your magic.
— Yung Pueblo