Statistics on Celiac Disease

gluten free statistcs.png

In September 2019, I conducted a study of many readers and followers of One Bite Gluten Free. Here are the results.

OBGF Statistics on Celiac Disease

Based on 75 respondents

Have you ever told someone you are gluten-free and received a bad reaction?

Yes: 81%

No: 19%

Have you (and your disease) ever not been taken seriously in a restaurant?

Yes: 87%

No: 13%

Have you ever been served something visibly containing gluten (i.e. a non-gluten-free hamburger bun) after explaining celiac disease/your medical issue?

Yes: 74%

No: 26%

OBGF Stats.png

Have you been “glutened” by a restaurant? (not visibly containing gluten, but made you sick)

Yes: 97%

No: 3%

Has being gluten-free for a medical reason hindered your relationships (significant other, family, friends)?

Yes: 58%

No: 42%

Where do you fit into these statistics? Do any of them surprise you?