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If you have celiac disease or know someone who does, you're probably aware that oftentimes a diagnosis is bittersweet: entering an unknown world of gluten-free food and cross contamination, but exiting a world of weeks/months/years of undiagnosed illness and testing.

For me, it was no different. My celiac diagnosis came after four years of missed school, emergency rooms, countless specialists. Being told I have celiac disease was an answer for me, and an end to the hospitals, testing, and constant illness I had grown used to.

Despite the relief coming with an answer, when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease, one of my first thoughts was: how am I going to travel? How will I find safe places to eat?

I decided not to let a disease dictate what I’m able to experience in life, and this year I’ve visited 4 countries and several states. As expected, every trip comes with its own frustration and limitations, but most importantly each new city leads to the discovery of amazing new places and really great gluten-free food!

I’m Annie, a college student with celiac disease. Based in Boston, MA; traveling everywhere. Sharing everything I've learned and experienced since beginning my gluten free journey: travel tips, restaurants, gluten free products, food reviews, and life with celiac here on my blog, and my Instagram (@onebiteglutenfree).

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